Harrison Weiss's Pro R Prerunner/Play Car

Harrison Weiss's Pro R Prerunner/Play Car

When Harrison set out to build a multi use prerunner/play car he chose to lean hard on the prerunner side. Using industry leading race components he built the car around safety and reliability. He removed the doors and added tubes with overall structure in mind to ensure a long lasting chassis through all his testing, glamis trips and prerunning.

SF Raceworks Custom cage

SF Raceworks SHREDDY Bumper

PRP Alpha UTV Seats

Rigid D-SS Pro Pods

Rigid Chase Bar

Rigid Dome Light

Rigid Work Lights


Method MR407

ZRP Pro R Radius Rods

ZRP Radius Rod Plate

ZRP Bolt Kit

DRT Pro R Hood

DRT Pro R Overlays

DRT Pro R Exhaust cover

PRP 5.2 Harnesses

PRP Buggy Bag

PRP Deep Dish Shreddy Wheel

PRP Quick Release

Buggy Whip 2’ Purple

Rugged Radios M1 Radio

Rugged 696 Plus Intercom

Rugged Mac 2 Pumper

Metal Head Fab Grab Handle W/ Mob Armor Mount

Viper Machine Gated Shifter

Savage UTV Fire Ext Mount

Savage UTV Belt Sleeve

Savage UTV First Aid Kit  

PRP Window Nets

SDG Spring Kit

Alba ECU Tune

RCV Ball joints

GMZ paddles Sand Stripper TT 32”

GMZ Sand Stripper 14 scoop 32”

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