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AGM 930 CV Single Boot Flange | CV Saver 4 pack

AGM 930 CV Single Boot Flange | CV Saver 4 pack

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The AGM CV Savers are an easy and inexpensive way to guarantee more of the grease you pump into your CV’s joint stays there. By preventing the grease from migrating out into your CV boot away from the CV joint, the AGM CV Saver ensures that the joint will remain lubricated and running cool for a longer period of time. 

NOTE: works with Bates style over boots, only. (see boots and flanges for reference)

NOTE: 930 Single boot CV Savers are not designed for high axle angle applications. Should you want to purchase this set and have 16 degrees or more of axle angle at full droop, it is advised to increase the center hole ID to accommodate the extra travel requirement. A reduction in service life will still occur (the CV star will push on the disc as the axle pulls down on it simultaneously).

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