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Pyrotect ProSport Side Air Helmet Wired OFFROAD

Pyrotect ProSport Side Air Helmet Wired OFFROAD

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Pyrotect’s SA2020 Pro Sport helmet has been designed for safety, comfort, and unmatched quality at an affordable price.

Wired for offroad, this helmet features an installed Alpha Audio Helmet Kit for clear audio performance and communications.

The Pro Sport SA2020 helmet comes with a unique interior system which allows for resizing the helmet for a perfect fit along with an improved headliner that allows for better heat transfer.

The interior venting forced air channels were designed similar to the ProAirflow series, by incorporating additional ventilation ports strategically placed to provide optimal cooling throughout.

The duckbill design improves aerodynamics and reduces neck strain of drivers who race open wheel cars by increasing downforce in the front. The Pro Sport helmets are vacuumed bagged and autoclave cured for superior helmet strength and durability while keeping the helmet as light as possible.

Additionally, the ProSport helmet is designed with a duckbill and built in airfoil on the back to reduce neck strain and wind drag.

• Wired with a Rugged Radios Helmet Kit
• Designed with a Composite Tri Weave
• Stainless Steel hardware and a Kevlar chinstrap
• New Interchangeable headliner and cheek pad system for better adjustability, added comfort, and cleaning
• Front and rear top venting for improved air intake and heat exhaust
• Venting design for improved airflow
• .125″ Polycarbonate shield with tear off post
• Rubber eye port seal
• Compatible with Racing Optics or Ultra Shield tear offs
• Large eye port offers greater visibility
• M6 inserts for head-neck restraint devices
• Great aerodynamics 
• Fire retardant Nomex interior
• Snell SA2020 rated

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