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TEKTT1160; Tekin RS Pro Black Edition BL Sensored/Sensorless ESC

TEKTT1160; Tekin RS Pro Black Edition BL Sensored/Sensorless ESC

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The Tekin RS PRO Black Edition utilizes hardware and software advances to improve performance. With its industry-leading Dual Power Board design providing Ultra Low Resistance, you can be sure that your motor is getting all the power you can give it. Dual Power Boards double the amperage, giving you more power, smooth control and reliability you can count on. The RS PRO Black Edition is over-engineered for ultimate performance.

The RS PRO Black Edition was specifically designed for 1S-2S Spec Classes and Drag Racing to take full advantage of the ULR circuit design. ULR FlexWire is included with every Black Edition ESC. Pair the RS PROs with a 13.5T, 17.5T or 21.5T SPEC-R motor for the ultimate Ultra Low Resistance SPEC system! This ESC is not intended to be used with the 6.5T SPEC-R motor or modified track racing applications.

For 1:10 scale 2WD/4WD Buggy, Stadium Truck and Modified Touring Car Tekin recommends the RSX Modified ESC as these setups tend to run at higher temperatures. The billet housing and fan shroud on the RSX provide sufficient cooling.

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